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King Charles III's Majestic Portrait Takes the Throne




regal portrait crowns king

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The unveiling of King Charles III's majestic portrait has undoubtedly sparked both anticipation and controversy amongst the public. As renowned photographer Hugo Burnand captures the essence of regality within the grandeur of Windsor Castle, the significance of this portrait scheme becomes increasingly apparent.

While some view it as a continuation of the tradition set by Queen Elizabeth II, others question the substantial expense incurred. As the portraits are set to be delivered in the coming months, the accessibility and availability of both public and commercial copies of this captivating image will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding this momentous occasion.

Stay tuned for further updates on CNN's Royal News to stay informed on the latest developments.

Key Takeaways

  • The official portrait of King Charles III has been unveiled, featuring him in the Royal Navy Admiral of the Fleet uniform.
  • Photographer Hugo Burnand, known for his close ties to the royal family, took the official portrait.
  • The tradition of official portraits, currently displayed for Queen Elizabeth II, continues with the offering of King Charles III's portrait to public institutions.
  • The portrait scheme has faced criticism for its £8 million price tag, with anti-monarchy group Republic opposing the expenditure.

Unveiling of the Official Portrait

The unveiling of King Charles III's majestic official portrait marks a significant moment in the country's history and continues the longstanding tradition of official portraits in public institutions.

The public response to the portrait unveiling has been a topic of much discussion, with many people eager to see how the image of the new king would be portrayed. The impact of the portrait on public perception is also a point of interest, as it has the potential to shape the way people view King Charles III and his reign.

The portrait, taken by photographer Hugo Burnand, captures the king wearing the Royal Navy Admiral of the Fleet uniform, a symbol of his role as the head of the armed forces. With its regal composition and attention to detail, the portrait is expected to leave a lasting impression on those who view it, further solidifying King Charles III's place in the annals of history.

Photographer Hugo Burnand

Renowned for his close ties to the royal family, British photographer Hugo Burnand has captured significant moments in the lives of the monarchy, including official portraits for King Charles III's coronation and wedding, as well as Prince William and Catherine's wedding in 2011.

With his deep connections to the royal household, Burnand brings a unique perspective and understanding to his work. His photographs beautifully capture the essence and regality of these historic events, making him a sought-after photographer for the royal family and a trusted documenter of their most important moments.

As the demand for portraits of the royal family continues to grow, Burnand's expertise and skill will undoubtedly be in high demand. His ability to capture the grace and dignity of the monarchy is unmatched, making him an invaluable asset in the world of royal photography.

Tradition of Official Portraits

presidential official portrait tradition

Building on his extensive experience capturing historic moments for the royal family, British photographer Hugo Burnand continues to contribute to the rich tradition of official portraits with his latest work for King Charles III.

Official portraits have long played a crucial role in preserving royal history and shaping public perception. These portraits provide a visual representation of the monarchy, capturing the essence of the reigning monarch and reflecting the era in which they rule. They serve as a symbol of continuity and stability, reminding the public of the monarchy's enduring presence and significance.

Official portraits also have the power to shape public opinion, influencing how individuals perceive and relate to the royal family. As such, they hold immense importance in maintaining the monarchy's image and reputation.

Burnand's contribution to this tradition ensures that King Charles III is portrayed in a manner befitting his role and position, further cementing his place in royal history.

Criticism of the Portrait Scheme

Amidst the unveiling of the new official portrait of King Charles III, the portrait scheme has faced criticism for its substantial price tag and perceived wastefulness by anti-monarchy group Republic. Here are four key points regarding the criticism of the portrait scheme:

  1. Cost of the portrait scheme: The £8 million ($10.1 million) price tag for the portrait scheme has drawn criticism, especially in a time of tax raises and public service cuts. Critics argue that the money could have been better spent on more pressing matters.
  2. Perceived wastefulness: Anti-monarchy group Republic has voiced opposition to the portrait scheme, considering it a waste of money. They argue that public funds could have been utilized more effectively for the benefit of the public.
  3. Public demand for the portrait: The level of public demand for the portrait is not yet known, as the Cabinet Office has been unable to provide figures on requests. However, commercial copies of the portrait will be made available, indicating a potential interest from the public.
  4. Cabinet Office response: In response to the criticism, the Cabinet Office released a statement defending the importance of the portrait scheme, highlighting its continuation of the tradition of official portraits and its reflection of the new era in the country's history.


In a stunning display of regality, the official portrait of King Charles III has taken the throne, capturing the attention of the public. Photographer Hugo Burnand has masterfully captured the essence of the King in this majestic image, adorned in the striking Royal Navy Admiral of the Fleet uniform.

While some critics question the expenditure of the £8 million portrait scheme, it symbolizes a new era in the country's history. With accessible copies available to all, this portrait will surely leave a lasting legacy.

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